Kindergarten: Help Mila begin with one adorable baby then grow her business to an ultra baby boom!

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Rating: 87%

Everyone knows that storks deliver babies and Baby Blimp is one of the games that will give you an inside look at how the process works. You will be in charge of the production line and you need to take care of the babies until they finally reach their parents' house. You also have to deal with the actual shipping, so it is your job to assign a stork to each baby and send it to the right home. This is a very entertaining time management game and you won't regret playing it.


The baby production line needs your help; you need to supervise the storks and tell them how to take care of the babies before sending them to their parents. You are in charge of a whole city, so there are a lot of babies to create and take care of every day. After you choose between a boy and girl, you need to attend to his or hers needs: sometimes they want to eat, other times they will need to go to sleep and there are plenty of other things to look out for. The stork will take care of everything if you instruct it properly and after that, you can send the baby to the delivery line. This is the second part of the baby delivery game and here you will have to deal with a completely different situation. You will get to look over the city and see what the parents want: if they are searching for a boy, it is your job to assign the right baby to one of the on-call storks. Because things can get hectic pretty quickly, you have to deal with the logistics and make sure that each baby is sent to the right house and that the parents are happy. If you don't pay attention, some couples will receive unexpected babies and you will lose some of your points, which might cause you to lose the level.

At first, making babies is not as difficult as it sounds. You just have to click on a lever and a boy or a girl will pop out of the machine. This is all it takes and you will have yourself a fully functional baby. After that, your job is to pay attention to the screen and click on the right items or drag and drop the baby into the bathtub, onto the bed or onto the conveyor belt. Once the baby is happy, you can send it to the delivery area. This is very easy at first, but it will get more complicated when you have to deal with five or six babies at once. The fact that the conveyor belt can't be stopped or slowed down doesn't make things easier. After the first five or so levels, you will be all over the place and you will definitely have to think ahead if you plan on obtaining an excellent score.

Kindergarten - game play

Because the difficulty of this baby delivery game will increase as you advance, it is nice to see that you can buy plenty of upgrades between levels. Because each round consists of two parts: making the baby and sending it to the right family, you can choose which type of upgrade you want to buy based on your needs. Some people will want faster storks in the conveyor belt department and others will need more resistant delivery storks. However, you won't be able to afford all the upgrades at once, so you need to think strategically before you make your decision about which one to get.

The Baby Blimp game starts off with a very simple idea, but more sooner than later you will have to learn how to create twins, triplets or even quadruplets. You will also have to figure out a way to deal with rainstorms and any other problems that will eventually appear somewhere on the baby production line. These details really make the game interesting and you will find it hard to stop playing after you purchase a few upgrades and you start feeling in charge.

Because Baby Blimp is a time management baby delivery game, the controls need to be responsive and intuitive. Luckily, there aren't any problems in this department and you will be able to act quickly with the help of your mouse. The graphics are also helpful since everything is very neatly designed and you will know what goes where in an instant. The only problem with the graphic detail is that you will find yourself laughing at the way the storks move across the screen instead of paying attention to the babies, but then that is priceless comedy value and eventually you learn to multitask!

Kindergarten - staff for hire

The gameplay is very exciting and the two segments of each round are strongly connected to each other. If you can't create the right babies or keep them happy, you will receive almost no points during the delivery part of the level. Most parents won't be happy if they don't receive what they want, so finishing the stage with a perfect score is not possible without your complete attention to details. Luckily, if you can't finish a level with a high enough score, you can restart it and see if you can go one better.

Baby Blimp game will make you feel like your job is really important, so it won't take long until you become addicted to it. Taking care of babies is a lot of fun and even when you have to deal with many of them, you will still enjoy the stressful situation. After you purchase the first upgrades, you will complete some of the tasks quicker, but the game will increase in difficulty as you advance.

Game developers seem to have a hard time when it comes to creating original and exciting time management games. Baby Blimp comes with a unique storyline and you will definitely feel the excitement when you have to deal with a fully working baby production line. Even when you reach the final levels, you won't get bored or feel the need to stop playing and you will want to see what the game has to throw at you.


Baby Blimp is cute enough to keep you interested at first and challenging enough to make you struggle after about one hour of play. You might be under the impression that making babies is easy, but some of the levels of Baby Blimp will prove you wrong. This baby delivery game is challenging when it needs to be and it is exciting from the first level. Even after you reach the very end, you might want to return to a few levels and see if you can improve your previous scores.

Final Score: 87%

Kindergarten can be downloaded for the PC on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac - Download Now.

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